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Love is not genuine when it leads a person to do something evil or to avoid doing what is right – Douglas Moo Ph.D.

As we discussed in the prior post, Genuine love is hating evil and clinging to what is good. The Gospel community is to love holiness so much that we help our brothers out of love to become more righteous.

Initial questions for today.

QUESTION #1: Who determines what is goodand what is evil?
QUESTION #2: How do we know what is good and evil?
QUESTION #3: How can we hate evil and love good like God does?
QUESTION #4: How do I come to understand Gods view of good and evil is best for me?

Answer to all 4 questions is GOD THROUGH HIS WORD.

            If we fail to be in the Word, preach the Word, or learn from the Word, then we will suddenly create our own version of Christianity. I find the statues of Jesus quite hilarious. I have yet to see one that was actually Jewish looking, most are European or even African… Our view of truth can quickly be come just as distorted if we don’t look at the measuring stick. Our view of what a healthy church can also be just as easily distorted. This is why we are to focus on the Word of God daily (Acts 2:42-45).

            We are to stand firm on Biblical Doctrines of the Church! Our convictions may change with time or life experience, but our doctrines should remain the same. The Word of God must be preached and lived out. In doing these two things we will desire holiness in our lives, and in turn we’ll see that our congregation is a contagious growing body.

            My home church Cross Point Baptist was around 60 members when Landon Dowden took over as head pastor. He led us to the understanding of Biblical Preaching being the precedent for all gatherings. From that focus alone our church grew, to almost 300 and continually sent people out to help replant other churches. A Transformed Gospel community is filled with transformed people (Romans 12:1-2). These transformed people must exhibit all these attributes being discussed; otherwise they are not following Christ correctly. The same is true of a Gospel Community, if it is not focused on these topics which I write, then it is not a healthy church and I would suggest you prayerfully determine if you are to remain in that body.

             What about the love line? If you hold fast to what is good, then you will hold fast to your brother in love because of the Christ working in and through their lives. This is why a Gospel community holds onto what is Good and rebukes our brother so that they may live a life of truth and holiness.

Genuine Holiness (truth and love) is Biblically based, and immensely contagious.

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