Outdo one another in showing honor

          In Romans 12:10, we are told, “Out do one another in showing honor.”  The NIV translates it “Honor one another above yourselves”, which is a thought communicated several other places in the NT.  It requires humility.  But the word here really means “to lead before”, to be a leader in honoring. It is almost as Paul is saying, the only competition that should be among Christians is a competition of honoring others. Jesus even led us to this spiritual truth, “but many who are first will be last, and the last first.” (Mat. 19:30)

            I sadly have seen more honor shown among my martial arts friends (who are not believers) than I see daily in churches. Why is this the case? Da Vinci had once said, “Who sows virtue reaps honor.” Maybe this odd painter hit the spiritual nail on the head? If we truly exhibit the Spiritual virtues (Gal. 5:22-23) then we might be a person to honor. (Yes I know they’re the fruits of the spirit, but they line up perfectly with secular listing of virtues to be honored.)

            If you truly know your own sinfulness, you should be the worst sinner you know (in a manner of speaking). Your intimacy with your own pride and sin should lead you to not desire Honor, rather to give it to others that you respect in areas in which you struggle.  "As a matter of honor, one man owes it to another to manifest the truth." –Thomas Aquinas The Truth that we live out is that the Father has given Grace to us, through Jesus and is manifested by the gifts of the Spirit. If there are areas that you see, and have been told you are gifted in, then work within your gifting so that the truth of the Savior is manifested in your life. Always remember it is through God’s grace that we can have any kind of Honor to share. A brother who struggles with an area is in desperate need for grace to be demonstrated, and in return, you may receive Honor.

           What does honor look like in a Biblical Gospel Community? Honor can be praise for the member who never gets noticed in their respective area of service. Honor can be praise for years in the faith. Honor can be comfort for the widow / widower who was faithful till the end in their marriage. Honor can be being obedient to your spiritual gift. Many other options come to my head, but remember this. We must honor Him in our Gospel community, by being faithful to Study the Word, Preach the Word and live the Word. 

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