When you don't love a brother?

What should I do if I don't feel brotherly affection for everyone else in our faith community?      

    I remember my pastor (Landon Dowden) teaching through the Romans 12 "signs of a healthy Gospel community" and it still rings in my ears. The finale of the love passage (Romans 12:9-10) was followed with a very pertinent reminder of how to love. I know there are times that i don't love many people, and if you say that isn't true of yourself then you're lying. May this small reflection on how to love your brethren be sweet reminders of Christ working through you. 

 i. Pray and ask God to produce this affection in you.
ii. Meditate on the cross 
iii. Remember they are your brother and sister 
iv. Thank God for fruit you see in them.
v. Meditate that in Heaven our relationships will be perfect (Our disagreements are temporary)

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