Believers Minister to One Another - Ephesians 4:12

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There is no greater test for a minister’s preaching than to see if the people are heeding the Word they have heard.

Believers ministering to one another is not contrary to Elders being about teaching and ministering. The fact of the matter is that every member of the church is gifted for a particular reason, ministering as a healthy body of Christ. Often the church expects the pastor(s) to do all the ministering. If you don’t see members ministering to one another, it is lack of knowledge of God’s Word and obedience to it (Hos. 4:6). When church members fail to minister to one another, it is not because of weak programs but because of weak teaching.

One of the common aspects that I have seen in healthy Gospel Communities is gifted preaching, and convicted people. Gospel conviction in a healthy church is not just conviction from sin, but conviction to the life of Christ. These healthy gospel communities often ride on the backs of ministering members, who are led by preaching pastors. I recall my beautiful high school church Istrouma Baptist. Our church had a little Jewish guy as the preacher, but the people led and ministered to one another, thus liberating the pastors to preach and minister in the specific areas that a pastor was needed.

John Calvin said of this passage that, “he could not exalt more highly the ministry of the Word than by attributing to it this effect.” We can take the summation of all commentaries on this verse and say that a healthy church is one filled with people who desire to know the Gospel and to live out the Gospel. 

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