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What is Discipleship? – This question has been bounced around for the last few years in the must read books of church methodology. If we were to visit most churches in the south, you’d see on their weekly schedule something called “Discipleship.”

Do you think that the original 12 disciples would have been as effectively prepared for ministry had they only met up with Jesus once or twice a week for “discipleship?”

NO WAY !!!!!  - So why are you trying?

If you aren’t from a communal Ethnicity, then you may state the following, “Mario we can’t meet up every day…” I believe you can, should and probably already do for wrong reasons. Let’s analyze things that are very much like the church is supposed to be, which I believe Satan has used for his glory. I’d like to propose a new definition of disciple.


We are use to the concept of apprentices in America, therefore we should run with the term apprentice instead of disciple.Yes you may have to completely “alter your lifestyle” to live life together in this way. THAT IS GOOD ! CHRISTIANITY IS TO BE LIFE ALTERING! IF IT ISN’T THEN YOU’RE PROBABLY BELIEVING A FALSE GOSPEL.

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