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A recent renovation of one of Oxford’s oldest libraries unearthed a fragment from a printing plate hidden beneath the floorboards. It was a plate form the King James Version of the Bible; the text was Leviticus 19. It had probably not seen the light of day since the library was built and the floor was laid in 1677. If you know what Leviticus 19 contains you would laugh and possibly honestly reply that we do the same, we hide this passage under our rugs, pews, pulpits or under the church. “Be Holy for I am Holy.” The doctrine of holiness is one seldom taught, but when it is taught it  is usually taught wrong. We find this passage not only in Leviticus 19, but also in the following.

Leviticus; 11:44, 11:45, 19:2, 20:7, 20:26, Matthew 5:48, 1 Peter 1:15-16

So, what does “HOLY” mean? Why is it on my Bible? How do I become Holy as God commands?

Holy means to be set-apart, for God. To be holy is to be unique or uncommon (Leviticus 10:10) in such a way that it raises an eyebrow and drops a jaw.

This is quite different from annoying… I grew up in south Louisiana where there are guys that stand on a corner with cardboard signs proclaiming everyone passing by is destined to hell. Yes they may be correct about some, and they may call themselves “set apart.” I call people like this, “ostracized” not “set apart.” Some seek to be hated, and seek to die as a martyr… just so that they may fulfill this meaning of holy. 

I prefer to think of Holiness in our lives as something like the Crown Jewels. If you were to go visit the crown jewels you would realize they are nothing more than precious metal, and precious stones. But because they have been specifically set aside for the King / Queen, they are admired. Thousands of people pass by these normal elements daily. However, none of these visitors feel that the jewels are repulsive or ugly, or common. Instead, all visitors feel that these are things to be desired. Little girls may even ask their daddy to buy them a replica version, probably plastic, so they can feel like a queen.

As Christians we are to be like these crown jewels. Things that are common, humans, but set aside for a specific purpose of glorifying the King. We are to be something that people wonder how to get what we have, how to live how we live, how to do what we do. But if we don’t reflect holiness (set apartness) then why would anyone want to be a part of us? If we don’t reflect holiness (set apartness) then what do people think of God? Is God just a common element not to be desired? 

 Before you begin to wonder how to become holy remember Christ did it: Col. 1:22 (positional holiness.) 
We must remain faithful to what he expects of us though (practical holiness). 

Imagine the impact if we considered the following things Holy like those beautiful jewels;

·Marriage - it would be treasured not thrown away via. divorce.

·Our spiritual lives - it is to be grown cared for, protected

·Our bodies - it is to be nurtured, guarded, fed properly.

·The Scriptures - it is to behold like the girl lost in the glory of the crown

·Our actions - we are to do common things, in a way that others glory in Christ. 

This is why Robert Murray McCheene said, “my people’s greatest need is my personal holiness.”

If we live lives that reflect the glory of God, then it won’t be hard to help others grow and desire Christ likeness.

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