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I am ashamed to admit that I love watching grey’s anatomy. (Grey’s is a soap opera about surgical students during their surgical residency.) The characters are intriguing to me, and the drama is captivating. I love the weird medical cases that come up, but I often struggle to understand exactly what they are talking about.  A common phrase told to the surgical students is, “tell it to the patient in plain English.” After this plain  explanation I understand what is happening. Sadly, surgical students in America get told to use plain English all the time, but very few ministers are told they too should use plain English. 

Dr. Sandra Richter, an Old Testament Theologian who I admire, said, “we have been using biblical words from the pulpit for so long that they might as well be gibberish. I consider these words to be ‘Biblish.’”

There are numerous words that come to my mind that aren’t “plain English,” that must be translated for our people to properly apply the Scriptures to their lives like Christ demands of us. This will not be a blog series to be written in a “fatal swoop,” but rather one that I will probably add to as I personally continue to learn what biblical words truly mean. 

Some words to be looking forward to:
o   Holy
o   Sin
o   Church / Parrish
o   Disciple / Apostle
o   Angel (Cherubim, Seraphim)
o   Prophet / Preacher / Priest
o   Righteous / The Just
o   Prayer
o   Meditation
o   Fasting
o   Worship
o   Salvation (Justification / sanctification / Glorification)
o   Communion (Lords supper / Eucharist)   

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