Multi-Ethnic Church : 2 Ways

There are only two ways that I know diversity on this radical scale can take place in the church.

1.    Pain.

"Often times, denominations want to hold on more to the past than they want to reach for the future. Only when the pain of remaining the same grows greater than the pain of changing do many denominations actually move forward. Sometimes the root of this strong desire to stay the same can, unfortunately, border on idolatry if we are not careful." - Ed Stetzer

Realize that if you’re people won’t let you lead the charge on diversity, then ask God to let them know and feel the pain of death in the church, before it happens. When pain of death is greater than the pain of change, change can happen. We shouldn't allow fear of pain to be the only reason to change, but if it is the starting place then so be it. Beg of the Lord to give those who fear pain, a passion for the Gospel. 

2.    Preaching

The only other way that diversification like this can happen is if the people of the church grasp the Gospel in the way it was meant to be grasped. This will take dedication of the minister in preaching through major sections of Scripture. This Gospel presentation through preaching will require an example through the life of the pastor. If you are not the pastor and you desire the diversity, then you’ll have to live a life that screams the Gospel in all your actions. Know this, once the people have grasped the Gospel in this light, they won’t be able to help but desire the Gospel among all ethnicites within their church.

Passages that I’d suggest preaching through to help teach these concepts:

Exodus 12:33-42
1 Cor. 12
Revelation 7:9-17

If you're uncertain of how to preach please read this. 

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