Multi-Ethnic Church : 4 Stages/ stances toward others

So as we continue the quest of defining and determining how to achieve a multi-ethnic church we must confront our personal stance toward people of another ethnicity. The below are 4 “stages” or “stances” on other ethnicities. I suggest you read through them and personally ask what stage your church is in, and what stage you live in.

View 1: Distance
Attitude: “We do things separately”
Viewpoint: They are different.
  We do things differently and separately.
  We don’t understand them.
  We don’t try to blend together.
  English Speaking Mission church of another Ethnicity.

View 2: Respect
Attitude: “We do things for them.”
Viewpoint: They are needy.
  We gather information about them.
  We intentionally seek to include them.
  We develop ways to help them.
    Church with Ethnic populous, who aren't represented in style.

View 3: Tolerance
Attitude: “We let them do things with us.
Viewpoint: They are acceptable.
  We invite them to join us.
  We practice our cultural distinctives.
  We hold the decision-making positions.
    We let them show their specific Ethnic style once in a while.

View 4: Love
Attitude: “We do things with them.”
Viewpoint: They are equals.
  They have a role making decisions.
  They are represented in key leadership positions.
  Their cultural distinctives are utilized and supported.

Examples: Every Ethnicity is represented in all levels of leadership, and style of the church. 

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