Multi-Ethnic Church : Alter Call for Churches

We’ve Made it !

We’re coming to the end of my understanding on Multi-Ethnic ministry. I rarely offer an alter call, they’re just awkward to me personally. But I do offer a challenge to hearers of a sermon or lesson. Here are my challenges to the church.

I challenge you to analyze your church.

Please ask people of another ethnicity to do this for you.

I challenge you to visit a church of a different ethnicity to see how they might feel in a mono-ethnic church. 

If you've done this before do it again!

I challenge you to ask which of the 4 churches you are that we discussed before.

         Church in the city.
         Church against the city.
         Church of the city.
         Church for the city.

I challenge all the ministers to ask if they are living lives that can exemplify what it means to set aside differences and live among people not like you.

Please make friends of different ethnicites, and ask God to teach you to see the world like they do.

I challenge the minister to search for pride that is hindering the Gospel being fully known through your ministry.

I challenge you to ask God to break your heart for all people.

I challenge you to re-read through the entirety of this blog, maybe even a couple more times, and share it with others.

Talk it out. The more you talk through these issues the more you’ll realize what is hindering you from achieving diversity in your own life.

I challenge you to contact me if I can help in any way.          

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