Multi-Ethnic Church : Defining Church

 If you truly desire to build a multi-ethnic ministry you must learn what the current views are of numerous aspects of ministry. Let’s begin with the general understanding of what church is for differing ethnicities. I don’t intend to label differing ethnicities as being one of these or the other. Rather, I will just list the general views of church and you can list the ethnicities as you see fit.

God experience – This view considers church to be their time to experience God. This is a high view of feeling and a low view of learning. Churches like this have a "freer" worship service that lasts for hours until they feel that the service is over. They may also change formality of the service so that the experience may be better achieved.

Duty- This view considers church to be a “duty” or “thing we do on Sundays.” This view will leave the believer to feeling obligated to attend, and leave as soon as possible, and attend only when required.

Learning – This view focuses away from worship / community and focuses primarily on the teaching time. This leaves the believer lacking a true concept of community and expression of ministry.

Center of Community – Some ethnicities consider the church to be the central portion of the community. Often times this results in a longer day at the church, or much more time spent with the church as a family. Those who hold this view also often time get together as frequent as possible, much like a family.

As you consider the above views i'd recommend you remember several of the points that we listed earlier that one must learn.

c.   Ask God to break you from the thinking that any one Ethnicity is 100% correct!

d.   Ask God to give you eyes to see how other’s view the World.

e.   Ask God to break you of habits that are offensive to others.

It is a wonderful thing to diversify the view of church, but IT IS WRONG to force someone to divorce their cultural view of church. We must accommodate their view so that they can feel a sense of belonging. Otherwise, they will visit once and leave having no personal connection. We see these views lived out in many more aspects such as discipleship, worship, and theology. All of these are topics to come.

What is my personal view of church you may ask?

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