Multi-Ethnic Church : Discipleship/Education pt 2

Do you think that the original 12 disciples would have been as effectively prepared for ministry had they only met up with Jesus once or twice a week for “discipleship?”

NO WAY !!!!!  - So why are you trying? 

If you aren’t from a communal Ethnicity, then you may state the following, “Mario we can’t meet up every day…” I believe you can, should and probably already do for wrong reasons. Let’s analyze things that are very much like the church is supposed to be, which I believe Satan has used for his glory. 

Athletic teams (when in season). – Daily practices, road trips, encouragement, and teaching. 

Sororities / fraternities – Common house, lifelong allegiance, help one another through tests and hard stages of life during college. 

Work Force – Daily together, often share lunches together, grow to care about each other. 

Gangs / Mobs – you would be “baptized” in, daily living with one another (often times there is the “family house), rely upon each other for protection and provision. You educate one another. The only way out is through death. 

The Gang / Mob motif is one that I’d love to write out on a more extensive scale some day. Any one of the above is an example of how Satan has taken our natural desire for community twisted it and stolen it from the church. Why are gangs / mobs / teams / Greek life / work force jobs so popular? Because we naturally desire community! 

If you’ve ever been on a Mission trip, or to a Christian Camp you may have experienced the “Spiritual High.” I have analyzed this high for years as I personally have flowed from each mountain top experience. I have realized that our high is twofold from camps and mission trips, 1. The good Biblical teaching (Spiritual nourishment we lack)  2. The Community lifestyle that we are supposed to live in as Christians. 

Yes you may have to completely “alter your lifestyle” to live life together in this way. THAT IS GOOD ! CHRISTIANITY IS TO BE LIFE ALTERING! IF IT ISN’T THEN YOU’RE PROBABLY BELIEVING A FALSE GOSPEL.

Quit living your week traveling from mountain top to mountain top and begin living in the mountain top camp known as the community of Christ (Church).  


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