Multi-Ethnic Church : Discipleship/Education pt 5

For those of you who are reading this and are not in the pastorate why does the topic of seminary matter? 

If we were to visit a hospital because you need to have brain surgery, you would probably ask for the best surgeon available. You would not ask for a surgeon who took one or two classes in med-school, and didn’t go to surgeon school. So why do we not take the theological and ministerial training of our pastors just as serious? My body will only last me approximately another 40 maybe 50 years. My soul on the other hand will last for an eternity. When I am dealing with a spiritual matter of my heart, I go to men who are well trained and qualified to speak the Gospel into my life where I need to hear it. A minister who has not gotten theological training at the seminary level can be somewhat prepared, but why not empower your ministers to be better prepared if possible? 

All doctors are require ongoing education to ensure that they remember the basics, and learn the new information. So I suggest not only an initial push to be educated, but empower your pastor to go to conferences, take other classes so that he may be assured of what he already knew, or may correct something that he may have wrong.

My home church, and several other churches that I have worked with, have a policy that if you’re called into ministry, we will help you get educated and prepared. This is much like Paul told Timothy. 2 Tim. 2:2 “What you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. We must always be looking for a “Timothy” to train, because like Paul, we won’t live forever. If you aren’t a pastor and want to see your minister educated I suggest you help them find a “Paul” to learn under.  I'd like to add a clause here; Seminary is not the only place of education. Older ministers who are in the church should be teaching younger ministers how to best apply their seminary training, just like a medical student does a couple years of residency to learn the application of book knowledge.

For the Congregation of a multi-ethnic church I suggest the following steps to care for your minister. 

1.       Pray for leadership to grow up within the community.

Especially if there aren’t ethnic ministers on staff.

2.       Pray that the Lord calls and gifts the new leaders.

It is the job of the church to test and ensure that the calling is genuine.

3.       Pray for a willingness to learn.

                 Few are born with a willingness to learn, so pray on their behalf to desire education.

4.       Pray for possibilities for your ministers to be educated.

          If your minister has a willing heart, help him find nearby means of education.
          This education should be 2 fold. Seminary and Residency (internship).

5.       Pay for them to be educated even if it is only a portion.

Remember you’re investing into the future of the Kingdom.

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