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Who am I ? – My name is Mario Manuel Catalino Melendez. Nope, I’m not Latino! I am Filipino, Cajun French, Spaniard, English, plus i grew up around the Deaf community thanks to my mother and I married a Scotch Irish girl!

If my personal diversity and numerous church involvements have taught me anything, I have learned that the church is the most segregated section of the American culture still in existence. My heart has been ripped out of my chest by prejudice church members, and my heart has been nurtured with love by Gospel oriented church members. The reality is that we have a long way to go in learning to live out the Gospel. Like it or not, neighborhoods change, cities change, people intermarry, and Christ called us to minister and live among other peoples. Multi-ethnic reflects most accurately the biblical concept of “the peoples." There are approx. 17,000 ethnicities in the world.

            Here's a little more on why i write on Multi-Ethnicity. 

It is not required for every church to diversify, it is required for us to faithfully reach our neighbors.

To diversify a church, the staff must represent the people being ministered to.

After staffing decisions have been discussed we must begin the process of understanding differences of definitions and praxis.

To run a church of multi Ethnic peoples there must be a great amount of education. Discipleship, and theological education.

Research has shown that the fastest way to diversify a church is to diversify the music. This musical diversification will take practice and proper staffing to successfully change musical  habbits.

The thing not to ever discuss in church. POLITICS !

Through our differences in politics, music and place of meeting, non-church goers have no trust or desire to be a part of the church. As James said, we must share our faith by showing our faith through works.

Who is right and how do we go about doing this?

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