Multi-Ethnic Church : Music pt. 2

Worshiping at the Buffet of Praise

A second post on music in church probably isn’t wanted, but it is needed. For me worship time is the most personal aspect of a Sunday morning. My wife and I chose a church based on a couple of criteria (preaching, diversity in the congregation). We did not pick according to music, but that doesn’t mean that my heart doesn’t desperately yearn for a Latin worship song, or a smooth Gospel chorus. Every Sunday morning I can read the faces of believers around me; some older white believers, hurt because there isn’t a hymn for them to relate to; black believers, hurt because there isn’t a Gospel song that reminds them of their child hood in church. You will even see younger believers who desire a “freer” worship song like Jesus Culture, or Hillsong

So what should we do!?

Keep in mind I love music like I love food. “What this means is that I don’t know if I want crawfish, shrimp fried rice or good pot roast on any given day. If it were my choice I’d have all three in one sitting.” So, when it comes to music I, a Multi-ethnic guy, want a diverse selection of music to connect with. But if your congregation is built of many ethnicities, then a diverse selection of music would suit the needs of every believer.

Music should be like a good quality buffet. At Samford University (where I attended my freshman year of college) we had a 4 star buffet in the cafeteria. No two days had exactly the same type of food. There was always pizza, salad, Italian, home cooking, and international. If you were to try to guess what was on each of those buffets, you probably couldn’t guess it. Music is the same way in my mind. You don’t always have to have 2 hymns, 2 choruses, 2 gospel choir pieces, and 2 latin praise songs. Change it up just like a good buffet, but offer choices!

To have a successful buffet you need a well trained cooking staff, with an excellent head chef. I recall once on the Italian buffet that lasagna was being offered, as was usual once a month. But it was more amazing than the last… come to find out the chef that day specialized in Italian food in culinary school. I am speaking to myself as a worship pastor, we must know our limitations. If we try to “cook” something out of our specialty, it may be ok, but the people will know the difference between our lasagna and a true Italian chef’s lasagna.

Be willing to trade days with another chef. At fellowship Memphis (a multi-ethnic church in Memphis, TN) they have a rotating worship staff. I believe one of the interns told me they have 4 bands, and 4 worship leaders. The Leaders and bands are just as diverse as the congregation. When Bekah and I were looking for a church we attended Fellowship for several Sundays. It was interesting to see how different populations really connected with different worship leaders and musical choices. Those few Sundays truly proved to me that diversity in worship is possible, beautiful and pleasing to the father God. Keep in mind, no one style of worship was not represented every Sunday morning, so I am clearly not asking for you to divorce your worship preference, rather help your brother and sister in Christ worship through their heart worship. 

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