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Sometimes I think that the most powerful and popular denominations in America aren’t even churches. They are not the Baptists, Catholics, Methodists or Assemblies of God. It’s "Political-denominations"— the Red vs. Blue / Right vs. Left argument. Do you doubt the power of Political-denominations? Just try speaking against the majority within any church, you’ll quickly see blood pressure rise, and people who wouldn’t raise a hand in worship will begin pointing fingers faster than gunslingers in the O.K. Corral.

If music is possibly the quickest way to diversify a church, Politics is the assured fastest way to segregate a church. If you haven’t seen “the Patriot,” there is a scene where Mel Gibson walks into an American pub and yells “God Save the King.” He was quickly banished with a flurry of thrown food, knives and gun shots. Though the articles being thrown probably won’t be physical, you will be banished just as quick if you say a wrong phrase.


Politics matters, because all Americans are Patriots whether you consider them to be or not. All Americans have a view when it comes to politics, even if it is an uninformed or an insensitive one. 

What should you do to not split the church because of Politics?

I attended a church in Birmingham that was predominately Spanish speakers. The congregation was very diverse when it came to political views. Those who “did it the right way” didn’t like those who were “illegal’s.” Even though this may have been the political stance, the pastor never preached politics. He always preached the Christian response to political topics. Members never quoted fore-fathers or the constitution, rather they quoted Jesus or Paul on a topic. Like I was telling one of the guys in my discipleship group, if we are people of the Book, let our words always be seasoned with the “Salt” of the Word. If our words are from the Word, then it won’t matter what side of the isle we grew up on.

Keep in mind, some biblical truths are not easy to swallow if you are from a different background. Learn to be sensitive toward other’s views. In a diverse church you will encounter believers with different world views from yours. Just remember we’re all a part of the same body and need each other. When it comes to political distinctives we must know all human views to relate to, and biblical views to correct with. I beg of you to please consider the below points of prayer.


a.   Ask God to conform you to being sensitive to other’s ethnic needs.

b.   Ask God to break down any prejudices that you may hold.

c.   Ask God to break you from the thinking that any one political party is 100% correct!

d.   Ask God to give you eyes to see how other’s view the World.

e.   Ask God to rid you of wording that is offensive to others.

 f.   Ask God to give you clarity on whatever political subject you’re dealing with.

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