The Gospel : Seriously! Call The Doctor

Now that we admit there Is cancer in our lives (sin) what can we do? – This is beyond surgery, this is beyond Chemo, and radiation. We need a complete overhaul, a new body.

At some level every analogy falls apart.

How does the analogy of cancer fall apart? Simple, sin can’t be fixed or taken out as easy as cancer. So hang on with me. You are dying! You need someone who can fix / save you! Several points need to be made. 1. No human can rid of this sin cancer. 2. To rid of this sin cancer it requires sacrifice on behalf of the surgeon.

When Christ died, he defeated the cancer, thus giving us the knowledge and ability through his sacrifice to rid of it once and for all. 

When Christ died, he paid the debt of our lack of holiness. (here’s where cancer fails to compare.) Our sin (cancer) doesn’t just affect our lives and humanity, but it offends the creator. God is a creator who made us to be “holy” like He is. (we’ll discuss the holy bit in the next post) This holiness was tainted because of Adam’s sin which made it impossible for all of humanity to be perfect.

When Christ died, he gave us life. 

To magnify the sacrifice of Christ I’d like to jump to another analogy / true story. 

Some years ago in California a girl was caught with a bench warrant for her arrest. She was brought before the judge who declared she was guilty of not paying numerous speeding tickets. When asked, she testified she was guilty. The judge’s gavel went down declaring she had to pay a 40k fine or spend a year in jail. The girl immediately broke down and began to weep because she could not afford the 40k for she was just a teenager. The Judge stood up, pulled off his robe, walked down in front of his own bench. There he pulled out his wallet and wrote a check for the full amount. The judge was the girl’s father! 

Our sin (cancer) must be taken out, must be fixed and our sin requires sacrifice. Our creator, God, is not only Love. He is Just. He will ensure that the sin debt is paid because it must. (Cancer costs not only the person’s body, but the pocket book.) We’re not just broken inside, but we offend God and it costs our lives to fix. 

Romans 3:23 We were all sinful 
Romans 6:23 We are to die because of our sin!

Romans 5:8 God loved us and died for us while we didn’t even acknowledge Him.

Romans 10:9-10 If we acknowledge who God is and what Christ has done, his offer of purification is made available to you! (Make the Phone call to the Surgeon)

Romans 5:1 – If you believed in Christ you are made right! – 

            No more cancer! You are a purified individual… You’ll struggle with temptations to fall back into sin habit, but the act of forgiveness and purification has been started. One day after you die you will be Glorified and gifted with a sinless body in Heaven.  

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