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An angel (from the Greek
γγελος - ángelos[1]) is a supernatural being or spirit, usually humanoid in form. Biblical Angels are not to be thought of as the fat babies with wings that now grace greeting cards and book covers.
But, let’s discuss the angels seen in the Bible.

Seraphim - These are the angels who are closest to God. They encircle his throne and emit an intense fiery light representing his love. There are only four of them and each has four faces and six wings. How you should think about these angels is that they were beautifully created to withstand the presence of the Lord. Nothing is holy enough to withstand being in the presence of the Lord, but these special creatures (servants) have unique protection to survive and serve. 

ArchangelsThey are guardians of people and all things physical. They are the first order of angels that appear only in human form. As such, they function among us as pioneers for change in the form of explorers, philosophers, and human rights leaders. This order is most commonly known because they are mentioned by name in the Bible -- Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. Daniel 8:15-17 Jude 1:9 1 Thessalonians 4:16 These angels are the “right hand messengers” of the Lord

Angel of the Lord – An incarnate vision of the God-head. The following are examples of use of the term "angel of the Lord": Genesis 16:7–14. Genesis 22:11–15. Exodus 3:2–4. Numbers 22:22–38. Judges 2:1–3. Judges 6:11–23. Judges 13:3–22.

Cherubim- The angels who were designated to guard the Garden of the Lord were not an uncommon ideology to the Israelites when they received the Torah from Moses. Cherubim are called numerous names depending upon what language you use. The job of all these cherubim, is to protect the presence of the Lord. (Think of them like the President’s Secret Service.) Genesis 3:24 Exodus 24-26 25:8, 25:22, 26:1 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles, and 2 Chronicles Exodus 26:1 tells us that the curtain, which gets torn and falls when Jesus died, had cherubim engraved to “protect” the presence of the Lord. When it falls however, cherubim are never mentioned again, Because the Lord’s presence is for all. We see these angels depicted from Lord of the Ring's Guardians of the Tree (a symbol of the presence of the king), the Ark of the Covenant in Indiana jones, to Babylonian, Assyrian, and Egyptian Imperial Burial guards. 

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