Summer with the Kings: King Saul

Saul: שאול  =  "asked for, prayed for"

The Saul is usually remembered for being first, and for his fight against the young boy David. While these facts are obvious, the connection to the preceding type of Government (Theocracy) isn’t often discussed. Remember the people wanted a king, because they were jealous of other surrounding countries.

Saul was desired because he seemed to be what the People wanted, (1 Sam. 9:1-2). In fact, Saul provided the desired leadership, and protection, for a while… In the End, Saul tried to control things he shouldn’t have, and tried to live on even though God was replacing him.

Saul plays Priest: ( 1 Samuel 13:8-23) What implication does this have on our lives? If we can suppose that an earthly king was Idolatry (sin) then we should understand that sin will try to control not only the aspect we want it in, but also other aspects of our lives. Israel wanted a king for leadership and protection, but this king successfully spread his role into leading spiritually.

We often look to sin for pleasure in a “small area of life.” Every sin will pervade into other aspects of our life, especially ones we don’t want the sin to affect. No man intentionally starts a private sin and believes that it will come to public, yet inevitably it will always surface. King David, would be a perfect case study for a small sin pervading into controlling generations.

Saul tries to kill David: (1 Sam. 18-31) What implication does this have on our lives? David is noted as being God’s choice as King, (1 Sam. 13:14) “his heart’s desire” – not that David’s heart was for God. God has appointed Jesus (Son of David) to be rightful heir to the throne of our hearts, but our Sin always wants to usurp Christ. Constantly we desire something that isn’t Christ pleasing, therefore our sin is like Saul, stubborn to give up control of our lives.

“Be Killing Sin, or Sin will Be Killing You!” – John Owen

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