Summer with the Kings: Saul or David?

So you want a King Samuel asked? – God replied give them Saul –“The one they asked / prayed for.”

The Second King is probably the most famous king in the whole Bible. As I said in the previous post, King Saul was allowed to be King, but God was already choosing a king of his heart’s desire. (1 Sam. 13:14)

Let’s have some fun… As I typically tell my Old Testament classes, and church that I teach for… “Our Bibles don’t have everything translated.”

Saul: שאול  =  "asked for, prayed for"
David:  דָּוִיד = “Beloved, Dove”

What implication does this have on our lives? The implication is quite startling. We can have “our choice” or we can have “God’s beloved Peace.” (The dove is always a symbol of peace). If the concept of desiring a king is equated to idolatry (sin), then God always offers us a better choice even while we’re sinning. (Romans 5:8) So why don’t we naturally choose God’s choice the first time around?

Simple, God’s choice doesn’t look like what we often want. King Saul was Tall Handsome and a good fighter, David doesn't look appealing at all...(1 Sam. 16) David is not the oldest, strongest, most handsom, or wisest of his brothers… He’s the “runt” of the family. His inheritance would have been about the size of a back pack, so he couldn’t even hire a mercenary, let alone a full army. Yet, this is God’s choice. 1 Corinthians 1:27, “But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.”

Jesus, the “Son of David,” (Mat. 1:1) a rightful heir to the throne is pictured in such humble light as his forefather. Jesus didn’t even have a house of his own (Mat. 8:20), let alone an army to rule. But, Jesus was and is God’s best choice for our lives. So why let sin rule, instead of the King of the Universe? 

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