Summer Kings: Abijah - Unity?

The Next of the Kings is Abijah. Abijah = (my father is God -"yahweh") 

Abijah is known for doing one thing. He wages war against Jeroboam, (Jeroboam = "he pleads the people's cause.”)

Why was he waging war against the northern king? Aren’t they all jewish blood? Yes, he was focused on the Kingdom as a whole. Like Abijah, we Have a right to stand up against an Ungodly leader, but we must know who our daddy is, and follow Him. 

Abijah knew who his daddy was. His desire wasn't only for a new Godly ruler, but also unification of the People of God. I often wonder how this beautiful short story gets missed. The church is divided, and we are in desperate need for more Abijahs to rise and cry out that we must re-unite not for our rule sake, but for the sake of the Kingdom. A simple question, do you desire to help re-unite it? Or do you wage war unjustly?

When Abijah couldn't rid of Jeraboam, he fell prey to other Gods. So, in our lives and the division between denominations, do we get upset with division and follow the "God of tradition? or do we push on for unity for the sake of the Kingdom?

One of my old Professors coined “The Summary of the Bible.”

"The Lord God is Graciously building a kingdom of Redeemed people for their Joy and His Glory."

Therefore why don't we like Abijah care what the Kingdom looks like? 

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