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I have been involved in ministry since 17 years old. After 14 church assignments I have reflected back to learn good and bad attributes of a church.
I was pressed by one of my Pastors to write out my personal beliefs on church, theology and ministry ideology. The sweetest act of writing came about from researching through the Scriptures to find what the Lord intended for the church to be. 

The Declaration of a Biblical Church.  

To the whole body of Christ
For the Gospel is the power of salvation - Romans 1:16 
The Gospel matures us by dedicating ourselves to the Apostles teachings as the primary reason for gathering - Acts 2:42 
Love genuinely
Elders dedicate to the delivery of the Word - Acts 20:27 
Living in harmony with one another
Living peaceably with all - Romans 12:18 
Seeking the peace of the city in turn receiving peace - Jeremiah 29:7 

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