Hard Topic: The Movie Noah

Being an Old Testament / Biblical Theology student, I needed to go see the movie Noah. I believe in being truly judicious, not prejudicious. Therefore, I and 3 other professors voyaged into the great unknown with open minds, hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

We Weren’t… Here’s a few reasons why.
The movie is based on a Graphic Novel not the Bible, even though so many ministers touted it as a Biblical movie.

To answer the often-asked question in the movie, “Why is Noah chosen?” – I simply want to point to one verse: Genesis 6:9 “Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation. Noah walked with God.” Genesis 7:1, “you are righteous before me”

Why does it matter?
If you believe Noah was chosen “to complete a task [of killing his twin granddaughters]” then you are shortchanging the Gospel of Christ. Those who are righteous in the Lord, are the ones who will be saved. Hab. 2:4b. . . I hear my friends saying, “But Mario it’s ok, the family lives and that’s all that matters.” NO IT ISN’T !!!!!! The reason that we have the testimony of the believers in the Old Testament is so that we can know that the Gospel is congruent with the New Testament. Hab. 2:4b – Romans 1:16-32; Hebrews 11 (yes Noah is mentioned there).
God providentially chose who would be in the ark. VS Noah spitefully permitting his daughter in-law to birth twins who would be Ham and Japheth’s wives. Genesis 7:13, “On the very same day Noah and his sons, Shem and Ham and Japheth, and Noah's wife and the three wives of his sons with them entered the ark.”

Why does it matter?
If you believe there wasn’t a completed family, then you can possibly fall into a trap that permits several of the following Heresies. (1) Chance: By chance, or magic via Methuselah, there is enough people rebuild mankind. (2) Permitted wedlock birth: Sadly Noah portrays the first children born, post flood, are born out of wedlock. Yes, I know pre-patriarchal marriages weren’t at a courthouse, but they did get graces from the Patriarch before intercourse. Instead Methuselah does some magic, without the grandson or family’s knowledge, which the girl takes to mean “pounce on Shem.” (3) Man can save himself, vs God enacting salvation: In Noah Tubal-Cain chopped his way into the ark, and was saved…until Noah killed him. Theologically this is a fallacy. If salvation could be “chopped into” then why do we have words such as, Predestine, Elect or even …Lost/Damned? 

Other Heresies not worth arguing here:
Demons (Angels) were cast out of heaven, for “trying to help man.”
The Truth: Isaiah 14:12–15
Demons helped Noah and the Boys build the ark.
 The Truth Genesis 6:11-22
 Demons were the Nephilim and they defended the ark.
 The Truth Genesis 6:4
All the Animals of the Earth were on the ark. 
   The Truth only 2 of every kind, not "breed" Genesis 6:20
Noah understood the days of creation to be the steps of Evolution.
If you believe in theistic evolution, then you must skip over important biblical points: http://creation.com/10-dangers-of-theistic-evolution

Things we agreed were good:
      1.     An excellent portrayal of possibly how Noah understood God’s message.
      2.     An excellent portrayal of the sin of mankind.
      3.     An excellent portrayal of the people’s desire to enter the ark (never mind the rock angels).

      4.     An excellent portrayal of how hopeless Noah probably felt (not for guilt like the movie said) but hopelessness from P.T.S.D

The Greatest impact of this movie: The non-theologically astute person will believe a fanciful heresy. 

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