Daily Gospel: a "bibline life"

Like political patriots Christians often take a “liberal” or a “conservative” path in living out the Gospel. Some Christians live a laissez faire life. I mean that they don’t want to interfere with other’s lives. Other Christians, live a confrontational lifestyle. This second lifestyle can be best characterized by the “cardboard” haters. (The constant doom and gloom yellers seen at any political rally. Those who fail to notice the good in even those they politically oppose.)
A Gospel Patriot, like Christ, is one that concerns himself with the preeminent need for the lost to understand the Gospel. The concern seen in the life of Christ was not a concern that ignored sin nor a concern which bigoted people as a whole. Christ's life was "bibline." Spurgeon reflecting upon John Bunyan’s life said, Prick him anywhere - his blood is Bibline, the very essence of the Bible [the Gospel] flows from him.”
Christ’s sharing of the Gospel began with the life he lived. When we truly grasp what the Lord is doing, we suddenly direct all that we do for the cause of the kingdom and we can't help but care for all to partake in the beautiful story.“The Lord God is graciously building a kingdom of redeemed people for their joy and His glory.” – Ken Easley

Steve Timmis beautifully summarized what this life looks like for Gospel Patriots. “Ordinary people doing ordinary things with gospel intentionality.”

As you study through the Gospel chart you’ll notice the biblical believers, while pursuers of God, lived out their daily lives, while speaking into the lives of those they encountered. One must not neglect the first aspect, THEY LIVED.
As mentioned before, if you are to convince someone to become a patriot you must educate them on the History, direction and uniqueness of the Heavenly Kingdom. From this knowledge flows a life that cares for the kingdom. Suddenly a non patriot becomes one who desires for their lives to impact the nation, or Heavenly kingdom in this instance.
Spurgeon reflecting upon John Bunyan’s life said, Prick him anywhere - his blood is Bibline, the very essence of the Bible flows from him.”

As you reflect upon the concept of the Daily Gospel, I’d like to ask… If I prick all the actions in your life, Will it bleed Bibline?

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