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I was once asked at a job interview, how does Biblical Discipleship help the common believer’s life? I recall that question and my answer very vividly. My reply was simple, “Biblical Discipleship matters because it helps the believer to understand their life in the context of the Gospel.

Reality is, every aspect of our lives should reflect the Gospel for that is our Purpose in life. A friend recently asked me to begin a series which helps discuss this very concept of Daily Gospel life.

To learn how the Gospel is lived out in our daily lives, we must first learn how our daily lives fit into the Gospel. While I could articulate the Gospel in the “usual means” via the “Romans’ Road.” However, for the purpose of teaching Daily Gospel life a different approach is necessary. Not until I entered my masters work at Union University did I truly grasp what it means to live in the Gospel, not just live out the Gospel.

Dr. Easley, the dean of my masters program, wrote a book in which he summarized the Bible story / the Gospel in one sentence. “The Lord God is graciously building a kingdom of redeemed people for their joy and His glory.” This single sentence has been required knowledge of all my students regardless of the class they attended. A second transformative concept, which I’ve melded with Dr. Easley’s one sentence summary, is Dr. Sandra Richter’s covenantal progression understanding of the Story of God.
 What does this chart and sentence mean for believers?

Simply put, either you join in what God is doing, or you miss out on being a part of his eternal plan. We are in the era of the New Testament covenant. It is the job of all believers to help spread the story of God, the Gospel, throughout the world. How do we do this? By living out a Daily Gospel. 


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