Daily Gospel: Love of the Gospel

If we are to understand how “Biblical Discipleship matters because it helps the believer to understand their life in the context of the Gospel,” then we must fall in love with the story.

Two people groups that you can’t shut up are Grandparents and Patriots. I find that it is easy for us to understand why Grandparents talk for hours. Simply put, they love those grand-babies. But, why do Patriots go on for hours? Patriots carry on because they know and believe in the history, direction and uniqueness of their country.
In the United States Marine Corps training, all marines are trained to quote the historical facts of the Corps and the country at the drop of a hat. WHY? Such knowledge breeds dedication and love of the Corps (Spri de Corps).
The reason most believers struggle to show a Daily Love of the Gospel or even share the Gospel, is because they do not know the story / history behind it all. Dr. Sandra Richter, who I am indebted to for helping me understand Scripture, says, “the Old Testament isn’t Israel’s history, it is OUR history.”

Have you noticed how many of the modern American immigrants aren’t patriotic? Or even worse, have you noticed how younger American’s aren’t patriotic? A friend of mine, Dr. Jason Hostutler, deduced this problem is because most Americans are taught that Colonial America (or American history in general) has nothing to do with 2015 America. Truly anyone with a decent historical education will tell you that is the furthest thing from the truth! If it were not for colonial America there would have been no grounds upon which reforms, and later rights, could be based. While brown folk didn’t have rights in Colonial America, the basis of women’s rights and civil rights were built upon the basic rights that the colonialists fought to achieve.

If I were to begin the process of helping disciple all believers to live the Daily Gospel, then I’d begin with helping them fall in love with the Grand story of God. When I teach any Old Testament courses, I remind the students it isn’t Israel’s story, it is OUR STORY. Like students who fall in love with the story of America, we must fall in love with the story of what God has done and is doing. “The Lord God is graciously building a kingdom of redeemed people for their joy and His glory.”- Ken Easley

SO How do we solve this lack of Love?  Simply Put, Study the Gospel Daily. While focusing on sharing the Gospel with others is indeed our task in life, we must first ensure that we know, love and follow the Gospel.
“We must preach the Gospel to ourselves daily.” – Ken Easley
Here is a Simple passage for you to read daily and fall back in love with the Gospel. ACTS 7 Notice the possessive nature of Stephen’s story telling for it is truly Our Story too. 

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