Mario's Bible Study Methods: 10 Steps

I have spent 11 years in Seminary (undergrad through PhD). Many of my friends assume I have a profound method of Studying Scripture, however they are wrong.

My personal study method truly has not changed in a decade. Most of the steps I follow were taught to me at Istrouma Baptist in Baton Rouge (my high school church). I have begun stating from the pulpit my methods of study and marking, which will be covered in the next post.

  1. Pray for the Spirit to aid your study
  2. Read the passage SLOWLY.
  3. Read your commentary.
  4. What is the main point and verse of this passage? (underline in blue)
  5. What words or phrases are important to the main point? (Underline in Red)
  6. What words or phrases are important to understand all Scripture? (add  !  in margin)
  7. What words or phrases do you find difficult? (add  ?   in margin)
  8. What word(s) holds original language significance?  (Circle the word in Pencil)
    1. (if you don't know Greek and Hebrew) Consult your commentary or study bible.
  9. What illustrations (or quotations) are in this passage? (underline in green)
  10. Add Notes (Pencil; sub points, reflections, or connecting verses)
    1. My Personal Notes answer 3 questions: 
      1. What does this Passage Teach me about God?
      2. What does this Passage Teach me about Man?
      3. What should my response be? 

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