Biblical Interpretation: Narrative

This genre includes the Gospels, which are biographical narratives about Jesus, and the books of Ruth, Esther, and Jonah. A reader may find bits of other genres within the Gospels, such as parable (Luke 8:1-15) and discourse (Matthew 24). The book of Ruth is a perfect example of a well-crafted short story, amazing in its succinctness and structure.

Points concerning narratives:
  1. Biblical narratives are theological history
  2. The meaning derives primarily from action of the characters
  3. Not all of the human characters are “good” models for us
  4. God is often the central character in the story
  5. Narrative episodes are usually longer in the OT than NT
  6. Literary features of OT narrative: plot, setting, characters, viewpoint of narrator, comparison/contrast, and irony.

Possible modern techniques: Redaction, Source Criticism, Form Criticism,
Structural analysis
Stylistic analysis
Redaction analysis
Exegetical analysis - sitz im leben
Theological analysis

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