This is My Bible: Rocks Have a Purpose

Image result for worn bible“A Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.”- Charles Spurgeon

In my last post I made known that I despise people utilizing digital Bibles instead of a paper Bible. With the proliferation of the Bible App, people are utilizing their Bible less and less. These apps, though useful in getting the Gospel to closed countries, these apps are taking a toll. My basic summary of the toll is that people aren’t reading and learning their Bibles! I joked in the last post that paper beats rock, but rocks have a purpose! These apps can be utilized for study in a magnificent way. So let me show you what I’ve got and How I use it. 

  1. To Search Scripture
I remember how to drive places and I can describe many things that I’ve seen, but I can scarcely tell you addresses. Likewise, I have memorized many passages in Scripture, but I rarely remember the exact reference. Digital Bible apps permit me to type the portion or whole of a verse that I’ve memorized and the app will tell me what the reference is.

  1. To Study Scripture
When I was at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary I had to buy a copy of Logos. This amazing digital Bible app contains literally thousands of books which I can search and study in preparation for teaching the Bible. Let's face it, I encourage everyone to read their Bible frequently, yet most require commentaries to understand what they’ve just read. Programs like this can permit the non-seminarian and even budding seminarians to gain a depth of knowledge with a click of a mouse or finger on your phone!

  1. To Learn Languages
My last reason for utilizing a digital Bible is that you can learn other languages!!! I genuinely believe that the “gift of tongues” is for the purpose of understanding / declaring the Gospel. My personal testimony for Spanish is based on this amazing truth. Since learning Spanish, I have grown a love for languages, but am not a master yet! In my years of scholastic work I’ve learned to read: Spanish, French, Latin, German, Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic. The two languages that I read the most are English and Spanish.
This upcoming year I am pledging myself to daily read my Bible in several selected languages. If you read or listen to many Polyglots (multiple language speakers) they suggest this very concept. The basic premise is to find a book you want to enjoy that is available in multiple languages. Begin by reading the passage in English, then read in subsequent languages of study. I’ll begin a series on language learning in January. Websites like Biblegateway permit you to have multiple Bibles open at once so that you can parallel the words in context.

I hope you’ve noticed in this post that I use digital apps to suppliment my paper Bible! I’ve often remarked to my professors that I can’t imagine writing massive papers, books or dissertations without the help of a digital source. As such, I now say I can’t imagine writing a sermon without digital source help. I will yell from the rooftops to read a paper Bible, but it is permissible to get help from digital sources. So have fun!

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