This is My Bible: Bibles of Grade School

I had a fun time reflecting through my gradeschool via my bibles today. A couple of these Bibles had some very touching notes. A commonality of these Bibles is that they're all King James Version (the old sticky Shakespeare one). KJV because i was raised in an independent fundamental church and school. Though the IFB church had some very strange theology, they did one thing right, they held a high view of Scripture. I truly believe the years spent in these Bibles led me to desiring to do my PhD and leads me still in my daily devotion to the Word.

This little Bible is my "baby Bible." I honestly don't remember this one that well.

 I remember when we went to the Bible book store on Florida Blvd in Baton Rouge to pick up this little Bible. It is a hard back Bible, but with a zipper! I thought it was the coolest little Bible in school and church. It has many battle scars, and verses underlined for this was my Bible of AWANA where I learned hundreds of verses.

My "Preacher boy Bible." I got this Bible in third grade when I felt called into ministry. I had no clue what ministry, nor do I now. However, this Bible got me through upper elementary and part of JR High.

Here's the Note from Mom and Steve Hinkle, my 3rd grade teacher!

Oh the back pocket Bible of JR High! This sweet little Bible is wide as a BlueJeans back pocket, but tall. I guess you could say it is similar to a checkbook in size. I carried this Bible to all my Bible classes for years. I would use it more except for 2 problems, #1 It is KJV. I don't mind reading KJV, but it is a pain to preach or teach from for very few understand the old English. #2 the font is quite small... i'd guess it is around 7pt font.

The Last grade school Bible is my pocket Black Belt pocket Bible. This Bible has two plates of steel in it! Something about soldiers back in the day being saved by Bibles like this when placed in vest pockets. What's cool though is the note in the cover.

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