My first home church was an independent fundamental Baptist church until I entered high school when we switched to a Southern Baptist church and Pentecostal high school. This was the era that I began realizing my purpose in life. Through several mission trips and amazing encounters on the mission field I knew that my life was to be dedicated in some way to the cause of making disciples of the nations.

During my undergraduate program I interned under Dr. Landon Dowden. He gracefully taught me what it means to be a pastor professor, much like Calvin, Wesley, Whitfield and many others. While my heart desired to stay in Louisiana, my love life led me to turn down many Masters invitations and pursue a Masters of Christian Studies from Union University (Memphis, TN).

My heart and calling is for discipleship through teaching and preaching of the Word. I believe through proper teaching and discipleship, the divisions in the church can be healed for the sake of the kingdom. Since my masters graduation I've been involved with churches and three years in higher education in Memphis, Tennessee. I struggled to continue into a Ph.D. program. However, I was convinced that if the Lord permitted I should gain as much knowledge of the Word as possible so that I might help others proclaim sound doctrine in their ministries. After three years of working on a Ph.D. in Biblical Theology at the South African Theological Seminary under the direction of Dr. Walter Brown, I transferred to the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary to pursue a PhD in Biblical Interpretation. 

As we consider Scripture there is a demand for the body of Christ to be involved in our surrounding community “so they may know His attributes.” The church landscape of America is what I would call over churched and under-reached. The moment that we begin building monuments, programs, and services to ourselves there should be a prophet like Malachi to rise and demand the doors be shut. A healthy church begins with sound doctrine, Biblical teaching and concludes with Missions as in the Acts 1:8 model. 
If my personal diversity and numerous church involvements have taught me anything, I have learned that the church is the most segregated section of the American culture still in existence. My heart has been ripped out of my chest by prejudice church members, and my heart has been nurtured with love by Gospel oriented church members. The reality is that we have a long way to go in learning to live out the Gospel. Like it or not, neighborhoods change, cities change, people intermarry, and Christ called us to minister and live among other peoples. Thus, my heart and calling is for preaching and teaching a Biblical view of the Gospel.

Ordination July 4, 2010 Cross Point Baptist

Committee chairs: Landon Dowden, Stuart Rothberg

2015-Present Pastor of Gretna Covenant Church (I have helped move them to become SBC)
Gretna, LA

2012-2015 20’s-30’s Minister, Briarwood Baptist
Memphis, TN

2011-2012 Discipleship Pastor, Mullins Station Baptist
Memphis, TN

2010-2011 Ethnic Ministry Intern, Mid-South Baptist Assoc.
Memphis, TN

2009-2010 Music / teaching Pastor, First Baptist Church
St. Rose, LA

2008 Pastoral Intern, Cross Point Baptist Church
Baton Rouge, LA

2007-2008 Music Assistant, First Baptist Church
Marrero, LA

2005-2006 Hispanic Intern, Homewood Baptist
Birmingham, AL

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